You're not like every other couple so there's no cookie-cutter packages here. After a discovery call to determine exactly what you need, you receive a tailored proposal that fits you and your partner's needs perfectly.






The perfect opportunity to get those "Save the Date" photos and let us get to know each other before your wedding day. Whether you want to get lost in the mountains or want a chic editorial shoot at a gorgeous venue, I'll make your vision come to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a little nervous in front of cameras, how do you make sure we look our best?

Your prices are a bit steep, do you have payment options?

No need to worry at all! In over 7 years of photographing literally thousands of different people, I've never once met someone who felt truly comfortable in front of a camera, so you're not alone. I myself have yet to figure out the secret! That still hasn't stopped me from making countless couples and people look their absolute best. My style is very laid-back, I enjoy giving prompts over poses and letting the person in front of the camera take it wherever feels most natural for them. Our favorite photos of ourselves are usually the ones we feel represent us most authentically, so I try to encourage that on every shoot. Oh, and I also send you an entire photoshoot guide to help you look and feel your best.

I stay in close touch with both you and the planner throughout the entire planning process. After our first discovery call you'll have unrestricted access to me as often as you need. I also have a complete wedding photography guide to help you prepare long before the big day. And even if you never read a word of it, I've still got you covered. A couple months before the wedding day I send you a brief questionnaire that covers any and all bases. It helps me make sure I have all the information I need to plan your timeline. It also lets me bother you both as little as possible with questions, just one and done!

How do I book my wedding date?

Once your wedding date is sealed and you've selected your proposal, I send over a contract for you to both sign. After you've signed and I've countersigned, it's a 50% deposit of your total balance and you're booked! The remainder is due one month before your wedding date.

If 2020 taught us anything it's that our finances are never guaranteed. So if you and your partner need a little flexibility with your payments, I'd be more than happy to help in any way I can.

How many photos do we receive? Will they be edited? Can I have the raw photos?

How long does it take for us to get all of our photos?

My record so far is next-day delivery but typically about 2-4 weeks. I don't understand where the notion that couples should wait months for their photos came from, but that won't be happening here.

8 hours of coverage for me usually yields about 400-500 photos without a second shooter. They are all edited to represent your day as closely as possible while also making you and your loved ones look your best. I don't give out raw photos for the simple fact that most couples won't even have a way of looking at them without proper software. You can rest assured you will receive every usable or meaningful photo I take, even the blurry ones.

Do you have options for a second photographer?

Should I give you a shot list for anything?

While I take any input for your photos you'd like, you and your partner have plenty to think about. Unless there are any special arrangements you'd like to bring to my attention, you can leave the shot listing up to me. The only thing I will ask is that you have any groom and bridal details ready for me to shoot upon arrival on the wedding day. Beyond that, the planning process and timeline will guarantee you end up with more photos than you could ever possibly need or want.

Absolutely. My fiancée has been by my side at most weddings I've shot and is just as well-versed. My base prices do not include a second shooter, but I can handle most weddings on my own. However if you're planning on having a larger event with over 200 guests or so, I would highly recommend adding on a second shooter.

How do you help us prepare for our wedding day?

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